Simply Radiant

How to Soften Discoloration for a More Even-Toned Complexion.

Soften Discoloration

If you have large areas of skin that vary in tone—lightness on cheeks or a darker forehead— you want to soften the lines of demarcation between the different skin tones. A yellow-based, skin tone correct foundation like Skin Foundation SPF 15 immediately evens your base.

Add Warmth

A transparent blush that’s bright but still soft will add warmth without emphasizing underlying discoloration. Use a Blush Brush to apply Blush on the apples of cheeks, sweeping back toward the hairline and down to blend.

Highlight & Blur

Adding a subtle highlighter with reflective pigments will catch light and help blur together different tones in skin. Use a Bronzer Brush to dust Highlighting Powder on the high points of face, focusing application near problem areas.

Pop of Color

If your lips are close in tone to the rest of your skin, adding a swipe of a pink-toned Lip Gloss will make you look fresh and pretty.